30th Annual Gay Appreciation Award Top 5 Nominees Announced

After receiving a record breaking 208 unique nominees this year, we were thrilled to set another record of 2,627 votes cast. It’s exciting to see an introduction of new names and faces to the Gay Appreciation Awards as well as the influx of support and involvement from the community. This level of community engagement is truly a testament to how vibrant our LGBT community is in the Gulf South.

Without further ado, I’m pleased to present to you your 30th Annual Gay Appreciation Award Finalists. Don’t read too much into the ordering as awards and nominees have been sorted alphabetically, but if you are interested in being the first to know who the winners will be, make sure you purchase your tickets in advance to the GAA Gala on July 21 7pm-10pm at Oz New Orleans as SPACE WILL BE LIMITED. All proceeds from the Gala will benefit Southern Decadence (paid to the Grand Marshal’s official parade fund) and Stonewall Sports New Orleans.

Nominees and Finalists will receive a discount code for 50% off admission that can be used online. For your unique discount code, please email info@ambushpublishing.com by Wednesday, July 18, 2018.

If you are interested in purchasing a VIP table for $200, we still have a few left. VIP tables seat 4 people and have the best view in the house. Please email info@ambushpublishing.com for more information. As a note, we will do our best to reserve your table for the first 30 minutes of the show, but if you have not arrived by then, who know who you might find sitting in your seats…

As a final note, congratulations to everyone who was nominated for a GAA this year. It’s people and organizations like you who help to continually improve our community and for that, we say THANK YOU!

2018 GAA Finalists

There are two additional awards that will be announced at the Gala.  First is the Lifetime Achievement Award—the highest honor of the year—which is presented by Ambush Magazine & The GAA Board of Directors.  Second is the Red Carpet Oscar Award presented to the best dressed on the Red Carpet.  Nominees will be selected by secret judge(s) and voted on by you at the Gala!

Bartender of the Year
Ashlee Logan (I)
Jeremy Cole (I)
Philip Anthony Palumbo aka “Felicia Philips” (I)
Urban Cook, Jr. (I)
Wayne Penton (I)

Bitch of the Year
Aubrey Synclaire (I)
Persana Shoulders (I)
Princesse Stephaney (I)
Reba Douglas (I)
Taze-Ya Ballz (I)

Buzzy Fanning AIDS Award
Adikus Sulpizi (I)
Crescent Care & NO/AIDS Task Force (B)
Misti Ates (I)
Team Friendly NOLA (B)
Toby Lefort (I)

Cheridon Comedy Award
Clorox Bleachman (I)
Gia GiaVanni (I)
Lana O’Day (I)
Persana Shoulders (I)
Tittie Toulouse (I)

Dance Club of the Year
Bourbon Pub & Parade (B)
Good Friends Bar (B)
Oz New Orleans (B)
Sipps Bar Gulfport (B)
Splash (Baton Rouge) (B)

DJ of the Year
Bouffant Bouffant (I)
Chris Allen (B)
Jonathan Reed (I)
Kyle David (I)
Tim Pflueger (I)

Donnie Jay Performing Arts Award
AUX Colorguard (B)
Daniel Nardicio (I)
Jamie Lee Rineholt (I)
New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus (B)
Tennessee Williams Theatre Company (B)

Fly Fashion Glamour Award
Chi Chi Rodriguez (I)
Connie Hung (I)
Gia GiaVanni (I)
Monica Synclaire (I)
Tiffany Alexander (I)

Gay Man of the Year
Andrew Palermo (I)
Frank Perez (I)
Jeffrey Mayeux (I)
Lonnie Cheramie (I)
Poseidon Davenport (I)

Gay Mardi Gras Ball of the Year
Krewe of Armeinius (B)
Krewe of Petronius (B)
Mystic Krewe of Lords of Leather (B)
Mystic Krewe of Satyricon (B)
The Krewe of Amon-Ra (B)

Hair Salon or Stylist of the Year
Aivi Dang (I)
Head Quarters (B)
Jonathon Baxter (I)
Joseph McCrory (I)
Two Guys Cutting Hair (B)

Leather Bar of the Year
Cafe Lafitte in Exile (B)
Rawhide (B)
The Golden Lantern (B)
The Page (B)
The Phoenix/Eagle (B)

Leather Person of the Year
Adikus Sulpizi (I)
Brock Andersen (I)
Matthew Birkhoff (I)
Tim Goodman (I)
Troy Powell (I)

Lesbian of the Year
Ilana Obuchowski (I)
Mina Hernandez (I)
Misti Gaither (I)
Sandy Sachs (I)
Tracy Foxworth (I)

LGBTQ Business of the Year
Bourbon Pride (B)
Covenant House (B)
Crescent Care & NO/AIDS Task Force (B)
EAT New Orleans (B)
Sun Herald Newspaper (B)

Marcy Marcell Entertainer of the Year
ChiChi Rodriquez (I)
Coca Mesa (I)
Gia GiaVanni (I)
Nicole Dubois (I)
Snow Wyte (Brandon Aizen) (I)

Neighborhood Bar of Year
700 Club (B)
Cafe Lafitte in Exile (B)
Golden Lantern (B)
Good Friend’s Bar (B)
Sipps Bar Gulfport (B)

Party/Event of the Year
Gay Easter Parade (B)
Halloween New Orleans (B)
Memorial Day Pensacola (B)
New Orleans Pride (B)
Southern Decadence (B)

Restaurant/Deli/Coffee House of the Year
Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop (B)
Clover Grill (B)
Country Club (B)
EAT New Orleans (B)
Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown (B)

Show Club of the Year
Bourbon Pub & Parade (B)
Golden Lantern (B)
Oz New Orleans (B)
Sipps Bar Gulfport (B)
The Corner Pocket (B)

Sports League Team Spirit Award
Big Easy Bears (Softball) (B)
Geaux Cups (Softball) (B)
Kick Tease (Stonewall) (B)
Queen Cake (B)
Suck My Kick (Stonewall) (B)

Sports Top 10 Award (Player with most clutch plays)
Beau Moss (I)
Caleb Dufresne (I)
Cameron Tillman (I)
Dustin Woehrmann (I)
Michael Styles (I)
Rob Gerhart (I)

Transgender Person of the Year
Adrian Claveria (I)
Chi Chi Rodriquez (I)
Kayla Starr (I)
Regina Adams (I)
Rikki Redd (I)

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